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Food products

BRC/IOP Certificates

After the certification under the BRC/iop international standard for food packaging, AGT has developped a system to control the phases for food safety. Very important is the product traceability that the company can always guarantee.


Suitable colours for food packaging

The company gives great attention to the products choosing and to the raw materials:low migration ink ,varnishes and glues without mineral oils for primary packs which are in contact with food  in case of absence of flow pack as barrier.

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Suitable materials for low temperature

Our technical know-how and great experience are important to use in the best possible way materials for freezer : from basic reemployed kraft to pure cardboard kraft or treated “hard size” to resist to high damp.


Suitable materials for high temperature

Suitable materials for food and to resist to the high temperature for traditional oven or microwave with or without PET. Susceptor film application to obtain crispy food.


Printent improvement

Research for specific materials and processes to increase in value the products using pearly  varnishes , relief  and opaque/shiny finishing touch. Development and investment in innovative equipment guarantee high quality print and a premium product.

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